Emmy Award Winning Television Producer


“Live to Tape, the next Ethan Benson psychological murder mystery, unfolds through the investigative journalism process. Utilizing a crack staff at The Weekly Reporter, Jeff Diamond's character, Ethan Benson, uncovers the diabolical mind of a murderer through the on camera interview. The attention to detail and the crafting of the story kept me in suspense with many revelations along the way. Unanswered questions, conspiracies, lowlife characters, corruption, and payoffs all come together to weave a page turning novel. Highly recommended.”

Michael Pulitzer Jr. - Retired Broadcast Executive, Hearst Argyle Television

“Jeff Diamond's Live to Tape details the efforts of a dogged television journalist who investigates a lurid crime, discovers a widespread cover-up, and, in the process, puts his career, marriage, and life at risk. Jeff creates, through his forty year career in network television news, a compelling 'I can't put this down' crime novel. The conclusion will leave you breathless.”

William Lord - Former ABC News Executive Producer & Vice President

“The suspense sucks you in on the very first page. Ethan Benson—an award-winning TV news producer and crime fighting sleuth—is assigned to a frightening but engrossing murder mystery. We hold our breath as we watch him unravel the dark secret of a terrifying killer, all the while fighting his own personal demons. Ethan may be flawed, stubborn, and irascible, but damn he's good. I couldn't put Live to Tape down until that explosive end.”

Bill Ritter - Anchor, Eyewitness News, WABC-TV

“Jeff Diamond has created a character to rival Hannibal Lechter and a book both chilling and touching. He draws on his extraordinary television experience to give real veracity to every scene and character. As one who has traveled in this world, I am in awe of the research, depth, and detail he brings to his work. A riveting fast-paced thriller with an unexpectedly poignant and powerful twist, this is what they mean by thriller.”

Karen Burnes - Former Co-Anchor CBS Newsmagazine West 57th, ABC's PrimeTime Live, and Investigative Correspondent, ABC News

“Only those who have met evil up close and in person can understand how seemingly normal, successful people can sink to shocking levels of depravity. Author Jeffrey L. Diamond, in his decades of work as a journalist, has looked into evil eyes in the real world, listened to calculated words, and used those memories to create one of the most terrifying killers in fiction, Dr. Rufus Wellington. Live to Tape is a rapid-fire thriller with news producer, Ethan Benson, fighting his own personal demons while digging into what on the surface is the murder of a young girl, but which he eventually comes to realize is much more terrifying. This behind-the-scenes look at the world of television news and its outsized egos is coupled with a smart detective story that will keep you up many a night.”

Don Dahler - Correspondent CBS News This Morning, ABC News 20/20, Good Morning America
Jeffrey L Diamond