Emmy Award Winning Television Producer


About The Book

Ethan Benson has no idea his life is about to change forever when he walks through the door of The Weekly Reporter where he's starting a new job as a senior producer, charged with managing the show's mercurial anchorman. As he settles in on his first day, he's summoned by the executive producer and assigned to a story about a rich heart surgeon who's confessed to the salacious murder of a young runaway he picked up on the gritty streets of a South Boston combat zone. At first, the story appears to be a random sex crime: the case two years old, the investigation long wrapped and mothballed, the killer convicted and locked away for the rest of his life. But as Ethan begins exploring the facts and meeting the principal characters, he unravels a sinister conspiracy by law enforcement officials, a pervasive cover-up driven by money, greed, and fear, and a dark secret hidden by the maniacal killer for decades.

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Jeffrey L Diamond

About The Author

Jeffrey L. Diamond spent over four decades working in the trenches of network news covering stories on military spending, consumer fraud, political corruption, and medical malpractice. And like his fictional character, Diamond struggled with the new direction of programming at the end of his career as he produced a steady stream of stories on gangsters, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, and even a serial killer.

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